Ready at a meeting’s notice

Title features

Google Calendar Integration

Import existing meetings or set up new meetings in Uniteable that sync with your calendar.


Keep invitees on the same the page with expectation-setting agendas created and sent in advance.

Import meetings into Uniteable from Google Calendar

Real-Time Notes

Invite attendees to view and follow along with meeting notes as they’re made.

Action-Item Packed

Assign tasks and send them straight to your Asana task list at the end of every meeting.

Set up agendas for meetings in Uniteable

Send a Summary

Keep attendees informed of key takeaways with immediate PDF meeting recaps.

Archive Meetings

Use Uniteable to group and maintain an organized and accessible meeting history.

Group past Uniteable meetings

Google Drive Integration

Save and organize meeting summaries on your terms using Google Drive.

Custom Logos on Meeting Summaries

Put your company’s personal stamp on every post-meeting summary you send.