Musing on Meetings

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Great tips to get the most out of every meeting on Uniteable.

How do I create a meeting?

Simply click on an event that is going to be a meeting, and then add an agenda. The event will automatically become a meeting in Uniteable.

Can I invite people to meetings?

Yes, just enter their email address into the Attendees field when you add a meeting using Uniteable, or if you've already created the event in Google Calendar then you will see the attendees automatically added to the meeting. Anyone who is an attendee for the event will be able to view the meeting.

How does Asana integrate with Uniteable?

Click the Integrations menu item and then add the Asana integration. When you add notes to meetings you will see the option to assign those notes to users within Asana. Once that is done the notes automatically become tasks that will get added to Asana once the meeting is over.

How do I add assign tasks and add notes during a meeting?

Click the Assign icon or the Folder icon to the right side of the note and a dropdown will appear that allows you to assign the task to a user or to a project within Asana. The tasks will only get exported to Asana once the meeting is archived.

How do I export tasks to Asana?

Once the meeting is over and has been reviewed, click the Archive Meeting button and all notes that have been assigned to a user or to a project will get sent over to Asana automatically. You can set this as a default behavior for every meeting from the Settings page in the account menu.

How do I send summaries to Google Drive?

On the Business plan you can send summaries automatically to a folder in Google Drive. Simply add the integration from the Integrations page, and then when you archive a meeting make sure the checkbox to send the summary to Google Drive is checked. A folder will be automatically created for your meetings within Drive.

How do I group archived meetings?

Once you have a set of archived meetings in the left pane, you can hover over them and select the group icon. Create groups from here or just tag the archived meeting to an existing group for a quick and easy way of organizing past meetings.

Can I create similar meetings with Templates?

Yes, click the Templates menu item from the account menu and then create your meeting template just as you would any agenda when setting up a meeting. You can then easily populate your agendas with this meeting template whenever you add a meeting from Uniteable by clicking the Templates button from the Agenda Setup page in an event.

Still need help getting started?

We created a guide video that shows you how to integrate with Asana,
create meetings and agendas, and how to export tasks from the meeting to Asana.